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Our Wishlist

As a community-based organization with no sponsors, the Rainbow Centre supports itself through both implementing self-sustaining projects and the generosity of people of good will.

Because the Centre does not generate income, it does not often have the means to purchase those things which it needs. It is only through donations that the Centre can gain such goods. Here is a list of items that we are hoping will find their way to us:

A laptop: Due to the fact that electricity in Chinsapo is precarious in nature, a laptop would be invaluable. Oftentimes, when the electricity cuts out suddenly, computer lessons must be put on hold, putting students behind schedule, and delaying future intakes of students interested in skill building. A laptop would be used both in our computer courses on days when we do not have electricity in order to continue lessons, and in Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre’s office when completing major projects, in order to ensure that nothing is lost when power fails.

A camera: A camera would be very helpful to the Centre for a number of reasons. Reports often need physical evidence provided alongside them, especially when materials have been provided by an organization that must justify its expenses to donors. A camera would be an incredible asset in terms of being able to record special moments, update the website, and to provide records to those who help us in serving others!

Play materials: The Community Based Child Care Centre (CBCC) is currently seeking play materials for children aged 2 to 5. Childhood is a vital time for developing certain traits and skills, and play materials not only enhance the experience of childhood, but also play a key role in developing proficiency in a number of areas. Having play materials helps to foster creativity and teamwork among children, and encourages sharing and the advancement of interpersonal skills. Certain toys can also be used for education purposes. As the Centre cares for children mainly between the ages of 2 and 5, we request that any play materials be suitable for that age group.

A push bicycle: Bicycles are more than just a mode of transportation at Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre. Bicylces provide the HBC volunteers while the ability to provide their clients with exceptional care, while respecting the client’s right to choose their health care provider. Every member of Rainbow HBC gets to choose the volunteer they wish  to  work with, and this often means that a volunteer must travel long distances from his or her home to visit each client. A push bicycle would allow for volunteers to be able to travel these long distances with their HBC kits in tow.

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