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Zikomo Bag Project

The Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre offers its members the ability to gain new skills. Alongside the youth skills group and nutrition lessons for clients living with HIV/AIDS, Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre is proud to offer space for social entrepreneurship. The Zikomo Bag Project is an income generating project in which 11 of the female volunteers (most of whom are either living with HIV/AIDS or are widowed) participate. Sewing machines have been provided by Goods for Good, and the women have become quite savvy at sewing through skill building workshops and hard work. The ultimate goal of this project has been to offer these women new skills and the ability to be financially independent. Although the women have high hopes of continuing to expand their market base (the bags are currently sold in both Malawi and Canada when international volunteers are able to transport them), the high cost of shipping in and out of Malawi makes this difficult.  At present, the Centre is working on a cost efficient way of moving this product.

For more information on this program, please visit the official Zikomo Bag Project website at

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