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Orphans and Vulnerable Youth

The Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre recognizes that, alongside people living with HIV/AIDS, there are many other people affected by the AIDS crisis. In particular, orphans, vulnerable children, and family members are also gravely impacted. In order to combat this challenge, the Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre also focuses on offering programs to orphans, and other vulnerable children and youth.

The Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre offers a number of programs that support orphans and vulnerable youth. Alongside offering a library, computer lessons (founded and run by a volunteer using 4 donated computers), and a life skills group, the Centre has also opened its doors to students who want to engage in additional learning.  In Malawi, primary school students are tested and ranked in order to get into secondary schools. For those individuals who do not qualify for secondary school due to the results of their primary school examinations, afternoon secondary school classes are the only option in terms of continuing their education. They are often placed in classes of over 100 students which are taught by government school teachers willing to work a double shift, which are not conducive to learning. The Centre offers a number of courses from 6 am to 9 am each morning, including science, math, and English, all offered by community volunteers. The secondary school currently serves 80 students who study in two separate groups based on which form they are in.

The Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Centre believes in life-long learning and has thus taken on the additional project of paying secondary school fees and technical college fees for orphans in the community. At present, the Centre administers school fees for 7 secondary school students, as well the technical college fees at Don Bosco College for 32 individuals. The Centre provides lodging for the students while at Don Bosco, however it does not have the income to provide orphans with all their necessary materials, nor to provide fees for all orphans in the community. While previously, the Centre worked in conjunction with a NGO to secure these fees, the recent closing of that organization has made it quite challenging to continue this project, and there is a fear that we will be unable to fund additional students in the upcoming school year.

Despite these challenges, graduates of the program have gone on to work as Information Technology technicians, hotel managers, tailors, electrical engineers, and carpenters. The Centre is incredibly proud of all its graduates, and hopes to continue its support of the community’s orphans through this program!

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