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CBCC and the Children’s Corner

As you bring up a child, so he shall be – Swahili Proverb

Child care and preschool education in Malawi are incredibly expensive, but both can play a wonderful role in a child’s development. Socializing with other children, having access to educational materials, and learning in a safe and loving environment generates the strong foundation necessary for the next generation. The Community Based Child Care Centre and Children’s Corner, a preschool and daycare respectively, are the Rainbow Centre’s response to caring for the youngest and most vulnerable members of the Chinsapo community.

Monday to Friday, 13 volunteers offer every family in the community the opportunity to access highly affordable child care and preschool education.  While daycare usually costs 12,000 Malawian Kwacha a month (about 70 US dollars), the Centre offers members of the community this same service for 1,300 MK. The volunteers are trained in child development and management, and currently care for a registered 150 children. Alongside this programming, they offer monthly meetings to the parents of the community wherein childhood development information is passed along. With the support of Feed the Children, the Centre is also able to offer soya meal to the children in the morning. While the ever-expanding CBCC program is lacking in space and resources for playing , it never falls short in providing a loving and warm environment to Chinsapo’s children,  in which they interact with their friends and learn.

Lining up for nutrition-rich pala (porridge), graciously provided by Feed the Children
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