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Here is a list of resources you can use in order to prepare for your journey to Malawi:

Malawi 101

BBC Country Profile: This site includes an overview, fast facts, and information on the President and media. If you are looking for a quick overview of Malawi’s history (up to present),  the timeline section is a must read!

Centre for Intercultural Learning: A great website to learn about the cultural transition between home and Malawi, including relationship-building information and work place etiquette and values.

CIA World Fact Book: Fast facts on tops such as people and society, government and economy.

Learning Chichewa

Learn Chichewa: The only site you need to get started with Chichewa. Their Chichewa Resources page offers you a variety of different sources of learning Chichewa, depending on your learning style. If you are working with children, the Zikomo Bag Project, or any of the programs targeting people living with HIV, learning Chichewa is the easiest way to become an effective communicator and immersed community member.


Friends of Malawi: Keep in mind that this list is for individuals living in rural communities, but many of the items apply, even for life in Lilongwe! This is definitely the highlight of this website, but feel free to check out the rest of the Learn About Malawi section for some interesting sections on Sustainable Development and Malawian Institutions and Infrastructure.

Staying Current

National newspapers:

Blantyre Newspaper Limited

The Nation

Nyasa Times

African news:

All Africa: This site functions to aggregate and distribute the reporting of more than 130 media organizations, including government and opposition-controlled newspapers, with a focus on African news and topics of interest.

Pambazuka News: A great place to seek out articles on social-justice related issues, with an emphasis on Africa and African perspectives.

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