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Rainbow Centre Concept Paper


 Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Organization is registered non-partisan and nonprofit making organization.

The organization was formed in 1999 after seeing the pain of HIV and AIDS infected and affected people and there was stigma and discrimination for HIV positive clients and there are a lot of orphans and vulnerable children who are abused in different ways in our catchment area. Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Organization falls within the catchment area of St. Dennis Parish, under the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (E.C.M.)

The Organization is operating its activities at Group Village Headman Chisenga in eleven villages in T/A Malili. The Organization has thirty-five volunteers. (7 men and 23 women). All are trained in   Home Based Care management and at present are looking after clients who are on A.R.V’s treatment and there are 412. They are in the program of NDIFE AMODZI (We are ONE). There are also thirteen CBCC Caregivers trained in CBCC and Children’s Corner management and at present they have registered one hundred and fifty children at the CBCC. The Organization is also paying school fees to sixty students, thirty boys and twenty eight girls. It also pays school fees to technical college students at Don Bosco.


Chinsapo is a semi –urban area within the outskirts of Lilongwe City. Chinsapo falls within the catchment area of St. Denis Parish, located nine kilometers from the main town of Lilongwe. The area is composed of the following eleven villages: Chinsapo 1, Chinsapo 2, Chisenga, Bwemba, Mwase 1, Mwase 2, Chimphangu, Veterinary, Kamtedza, and Mbeta. Most of the people are unemployed with little or no formal education. Chinsapo has an approximate population of 35,000, most of whom are migrants to the city seeking employment. Most of the inhabitants are semi-literate individuals who have resorted to petty trading in order to fight for their daily living. Chinsapo is characterized by a level of crimes including gender-based violence, sexual offences and other serious cases. According to Lilongwe Model Police Station, Chinsapo has been rated number one in cases of domestic violence and child abuse compared to other seven townships of Lilongwe. Children are not immune to such violence. The area has the highest rate of sexual abuse and defilement. Child- dumping is also becoming a problem. The area is also subject to high HIV prevalence. According to the records at Bwaila hospital, the public hospital patronized by Chinsapo, HIV among the pregnant mothers was at 18.1% (NAC 2005). Such high HIV prevalence has resulted in many deaths among productive adults with many children left in precarious circumstances.

Due to the diverse composition of the Chinsapo community, there is less community cohesion than traditionally found in Malawian communities. The extended family system as weak as people originate from different cultural and family background, and this has resulted in low absorption of the OVCs into extended family system and limited OVC access to just services. This situation has further exacerbated the vulnerability of children affected by HIV and poverty, resulting in high risk coping strategies, including children dropping out of school, living on the streets or engaging in prostitution.


By the year 2020 to improve the quality of the people living with HIV and AIDS, orphans and other vulnerable children in Chinsapo area.


Following the example of Christ, Rainbow centre is striving to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS    infected individuals and affected orphans and vulnerable children and families, at Chinsapo, Group Village Headman Chisenga, T/A Malili.


  • HIV/ AIDS awareness to the communities through outreach meetings.
  • Orphan care, CBCC classes, children’s corner, payment of secondary school fees and Technical colleges (Don Bosco).
  • To ensure provision of sustainable care and support to the infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. (Home Based Care/palliative care)
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination on HIV/AIDS.
  • Long term food security live hood clients.
  • Income generating activities e.g. raring chickens.














Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Organization has since its inception implemented various activities. These have been in HIV/AIDS. Orphan Care, Food Security and Income Generating Activities.

Some of such activities include:

  • HIV/AIDS reduction through outreach programs.
  • Community based child care centre (CBCC), children corner.
  • Feeding the children with soya meal.
  • Payment of secondary school fees and Technical College fees.
  • Computer lessons for OVCs
  • Library for OVCs
  • Life skills for the youth group.
  • Teaching OVC’s in sewing
  • Entertainment for the youths ( Disco and Videos)


  • HIV/AIDS reduction through outreach programs.
  • Caring and support of chronically ill clients (Home Based Care/palliative care)
  • Group therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Sewing group for volunteers.
  • Established vegetable garden.
  • Poultry farming


  • Formation of youth group living with HIV/AIDS (Ages 3-16yrs)
  • Chinsapo Rainbow Home Based Care Organization is registered with the Malawi government through Lilongwe City Assembly, MANASO, and MANET +.
  • Established CBCC and Children’s corner.
  • Formation of AIDS Support Group (people living with HIV/AIDS)
  • Caring for chronically ill clients.
  • Monitoring 412 ARVs clients on NDIFE AMODZI program.
  • Community volunteers are devotedly working without any payment.
  • Establishment of Computer classes  for OVCs


We have established partnerships with the following organizations:

  • Goods for good
  • World University of Canada (WUSC)
  • MANET +
  • CRS
  • Light House Trust
  • Lilongwe City Council
  • Lilongwe District Health Office
  • Wawitai of Spain
  • Feed the Children
  • Novoc
  • Manos Unidas
  • Oriol Foundation
  • And other people of Good will


  • Lack of  Nutrition food to the clients on ARV treatment
  • Lack of transport, some volunteers walk long distance to perform their duties (no pushing bicycles)
  • In adequate of HBC drugs for HIV/ AIDS clients in our HBC kits.
  • Lack of funding to run Chinsapo Community Home Based care organization activities.
  • Some Volunteers are not trained in palliative care.
  • A lot of secondary school and Technical College OVCs lack necessary materials and school fees to continue with their education.
  • Our CBCCs do not have all the items deemed conductive to the learning of the children from age 3 to age 5 e.g playing materials


Chinsapo Rainbow Home based Care Organization offices are found in the village of Group village headman Chisenga as you go towards Likuni. Just at the grave yard near Chinsapo secondary school, you turn to the right on a marram road about two hundred meters from the tarmac road. You will see the building on the right side of the road.



CELL PHONE:               0999 334 217



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